Thursday, November 3, 2011


This is not exactly what I had in mind for this blog, but I have become emotionally connected to this particular show for some reason. I do not know why because I have avoided all shows like this before.

Perhaps it was because I watched the the first auditions with Cher and it was more a connection with her. Or perhaps it is the fact I love music and after having heard them sing some of these artists have touched me.

The first to go at the judges houses left me a little empty and I was not sure if I would continue. I might not have if a couple of my favourites had not been saved.

During the round at the judges houses, I did not like seeing Tora Woloshin, Jazzlyn Little, or Caitlyn Koch go at all. To a lesser degree the loss of Tiger Budbill, Tim Cifer, and Skyelor Anderson bothered me.

I would not have liked being the one making those choices.

I was genuinely sad to see Phillip Lomax go last week. He has a great voice, in my opinion, and a greater smile. I liked the Brewer boys as well.

I was very surprised to see Tiah Tolliver go. She seemed to be Simons favourite, but it did not cause me any loss of sleep.

The one I still can't figure out why they keep him is Astro. While he is an adorable kid, he is arrogant, full of himself (hmm isn't that the same thing? Oh well with him saying it twice really is not overdoing it)
He will and can only do rap and is not a team player.
All the other acts have to stretch themselves and do things that are not their comfort zone. One of the reasons they say they dropped Lomax was because he was too strapped into the crooner genre.
All the other acts had to work together  and dance in one of the rounds. He not only refused, but pushed himself into others spaces while on stage.
He is also very young and this much fame has a tendency to adversely scar young ones, especially if all of a sudden they are not "it" anymore.
I would not feel a loss if they voted him out.

I must admit, due to my negative feelings toward rap, I did not like Chris Rene' at first, but his audition song stuck in my head and I could not get it out. He is also a genuine person and does not try to put on airs. His voice is not the best I have heard, but when he comes on stage he brings a smile to my heart and I look forward to his song.
I really hope he makes it to the final 4.

I write this during the first audience vote shows. So at this moment I do not know who America voted for so I am going to take a chance and give my opinions now before they are swayed by popular votes.

My choices in the final 4 are:
Girls;  hmmmmm just cant choose for shore but mmmmm Drew, Melanie ahhhhh too hard
Boys: hands down Chris Rene' do not even have to think about that one.
Groups; I really like Intensity out of the 3 that are left, but I think everyone else is leaning toward the Stereo Hogz. After the Brewer Boys left I really had no strong favourites though.
Over 30's: Mmmm another hard one for me. I like Leroy Bell for his genuineness as well as his voice, but I think Josh Krajick is the better singer.

So there it is, I will finish watching the show now and see if any of my contenders will continue on to have that final four chance.

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