Thursday, November 3, 2011

After the show 11.02.11

A little addendum to the earlier post.
Just finished the show.


Stereo Hogz: Great choreography, good song, sounded really good. liked them a lot tonight.
Lakoda Rayne sounded better than ever. Really liked them tonight
Insensity: sang well, but this week they just did not connect with me the way I had hoped. The judges said they were fun, fun, fun maybe but something was still missing for me.

Rachel: she is a sweetheart! I love her energy, her smile, her voice. She can entertain, sing bring a smile to your lips.
Melanie: I am still not 100% sure of my female choice between Drew and Melanie, but I predict, if she keeps up like she has, Melanie Amaro will be the 5 million dollar prize winner. She has the X Factor.
She outshone everybody this week.
In the words of Simon, "Right now, you ARE the one to Beat!"
DREW: YES!!! She did not disappoint. I still have her back as my number one favourite. Melanie will probably win, but Drew has a voice that is so different you just connect with her.
Ahhh the girls category is killing me! So far I have liked almost everyone that was chosen.

Chris Rene'
is still my favourite of the guys. First time without his hat. :) I think he has stage presence, likability, and can really entertain.
After seeing Astro I can say again, my opinion has not only stayed the course, but also has solidified. On the plus side he can really entertain and he has a lot of energy.
Marcus: This was his best night so far for me. Great song, great entertaining.

Over 30's:
I don't think Leroy was on his game. I loved the song though.
Josh was awesome! I love his voice.
Stacy, Simon is right, you are a church singer. Tonight was your night. I love you more tonight than any other. Keep it up and give Josh a run for the money!

Smile Factor:  
Drew, Rachel, Chris, (philip; sigh, your gone now though)

My top picks:
Chris, Drew, Melanie, Rachel, Leroy, Josh; not necessarily in that order.

Looking forward to tonight's show. Hmm, if it were me the act I would send home would be Astro, but I think America will send Intensity or Leroy home. We will see.

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