Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My First Tuesday Garden Party!

I recently found a sweet blog written by a woman whose gardening interests are similar to mine, only she is much more articulate about it.

So saying I am going to endeavor to commit to her "Tuesday Garden Party" as much as I have to my own Weds "Mindful Quote" and Fri "This Moment". My only two themes I am close to faithful in fulfilling.

It seems only right to begin with this seasons successes. Ordinarily I have chosen to buy my tomato plants at the nursery as my husband I have had two entirely different backgrounds in how we were raised with him having difficulty with tiny pots littering the house.

This year, inspired by my daughter - in - law, I took the bit in my mouth and plunged ahead heedless of the fallout. The results being some lovely plants which have already rewarded me with small growing fruit.
First Sprout

Potted, waiting

Transplanted and happy

Planted same day, Different Soil

It was amazing how the plants that were started in whatever soil she used have continued to be the hardiest producing the first tomatoes.

She does not know the name, just bought it from a local company that sells soil by the yard. I bought Miracle Grow and was very disappointed to its performance compared to the other soil.
My first tomato this season

Hard to believe it has grown this much!

We have had good luck with cantaloupe almost every year, except the year I grew squash and watermelon as well.

They all cross pollinated with the squash flavor overriding the melons.
Mmmm, strawberry

Another resident; cantalope

My pomegranate is several years old. An anniversary gift that I had asked for, for years.

The first year in the ground the jack rabbits ate it down so much I feared it would not recover. Protected for the past few years it has thrived.

Last year I got my first ever fruit. :)

The lambs ear is another success story. I had originally planted several plants around trees. Unfortunately, my hubbie has a love affair with round up. I thought they were all gone for good.

(or the flame thrower, almost lost all my peonies to that, they did survive though)

The following year one tiny little plant poked its head up in the grass. I quickly dug it up before round - up or the lawn mower could end its short life.

Now, two years later it has grown, spread and brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.
Lamb's ear 

My growing pomegranate, most flowers ever!

My daughter in law and I were talking herbs one day and I got a thought, why not try to grow them in pots?

So seeing this slab that has been an unoccupied eye sore for the past 20 years I decided to take it over and
this is the result.

I have Lavendar, Chives, Garlic chives, Peppermint, Lime mint, Chocolate mint, Lemon balm, Texas Tarragon, Oregano, Lamb's ear, Wormwood, Lovage and Catnip.

This is an experiment so I will see how well they do as the summer progresses. In the meantime I have fresh herbs to cook with! :)

I also have a Rhubarb plant, my first, and 3 kinds of milkweed, (we hope to raise Monarchs next year for a Home School project)
Trying to establish a potted herb garden

My blueberries are almost ripe

At the onset I mention the Tues Garden party.

Look to the right for a button link to "An Oregon Cottage"  an interesting blog that includes Menu Mondays, Garden Party Tues,  hosted by Jami.

I found her through Barbara McCoy's "Handbook of Nature Blog" (also linked through the name or by the button on the right.

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  1. Very thorough garden post, Kathleen! I'm so impressed with your tomato success. :-) This is the first year in many that I didn't grow my tomatoes from seed (time just got away from me), but I'll be back to it next year, 'cause I don't like not being able to find all my favorite varieties!

    Thanks for finding us and I look forward to more garden posts from you at the TGP!