Friday, October 21, 2011

Butterscotch Brownies, Fruit Salad and bad internet

Internet was down 3 days last week. I swear I went through withdrawals. Snapped at everyone. :(

Then it went down again yesterday and I now I am positive.. I am addicted. I sat there with the un-connected laptop in my lap willing it to connect to the internet. Just touching it. So sad. :(

Finally, I decided to do something constructive and got busy with my Disney video project. The "small" video of our April trip.
Right.. small... at least it started out small. Now I am working on cutting it down to one hour.
I am really enjoying looking at all the pictures though. I have decided to save up for the next trip. It might take 5 years to save the money, but I really want to go again.

I have been following Lacy's blog and got a recipe from her for Butterscotch Brownies.
For the recipe go to:
Tangled Oak Roots Farm

I really enjoyed making this delectable organic delight.

Organic ingredients

My free range eggs. Note the different colours. I have different breeds of chickens. Love the colours. :)

Mixing on the stove.
Note the darker colour of the yolks. Normal for free range chickens. More Vitamin A for the me.

All cooked! Now I just have to wait till they are cool. :)

Sunday I wanted to make a dessert a little more healthy so I made Fruit Salad.

Can't have fruit salad without strawberries.... yummm

A few more fruits to add.

Mix in the pineapple, layer in a Trifle Bowl with Whipped cream and...

Been trying to get more items up on ebay. So far I have the Organic baby toys, and the doll dresses.
Will try to get the baby slings and organic diapers on after this post.

Check out my items here:
Artigal's ebay listings

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