Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10.12.11 Robin Hobb

The weather seems to be having a bout with dementia. Rain, sun, heat, cold all in the same day.

Is a warning sign that I should heed; get the yard winterized. Among the many chores I need to bring in the hammock and other summer trappings. Need to find a good place to stash the unhardy plants that I do not wish to lose to the chilly weather.

Got an organic recipe for Butterscotch brownies hope to make them this week. Will post pics of the process.

Should be making some sourdough bead soon as well and will upload those as well. Last spring during the windy spring I captured a local yeast; it turns out to be the best yeast I have. There are four now in my collection. My oldest is 30 plus years and I was also able to acquire a true San Francisco strain.

Just finish the third trilogy in The Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobbs.

Her work is Tolkien like in the fact that she creates a believable world complete with history, different races, traditions, maps along with an intriguing story line that had me engrossed for two months. I want to start the next series but the third book will not be out until feb 2012 and the last wont press until 2013. I need to be able to read all 4 together so I know what happens. If I do not it will end up like Diana Gabaldon and Jean Auel's series where I stop and then never pick back up once the continuing storylines are pressed because so much time has gone by I have forgotten much of what has already happened.

Getting older does not help either. I already can watch reruns as though they are first runs. sigh.......

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