Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sagacious Saturday

"The Soul would have no Rainbow if the Eyes had no Tears" a native American proverb.
My soul must have a very beautiful rainbow if that is the case.

The windows and doors have been flung open, a gentle breeze caresses my face while the song of many species of birds travels lightly through the air as I pen these words. As I gaze out a nearby window I can see the Eucalyptus leaves swaying ever so lazily in the Spring light.
Earlier in the day while I casually strolled around the property, I took note of the budding Wisteria
and Jasmine ready to burst forth with fragrance and colour.
My Daffodils are spent and there is but one Dutch Iris is stoically standing fast at its post.
Here and there my eyes catch little specks of purple as the Woodland Hyacinth stretches open it's petals to release sweet aroma of it's scent.
Peeking up through the leaves I see the happy face of little Wild Violets.
The scent of my Flowering Cherry announces it's prescence before my eyes behold the glory of it's blooms.
I see evidence of my Creator in every corner I look.
Spring everywhere.
Today is a good day.


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