Friday, March 6, 2009

"B" is for Baby Chicks - AB See Meme

I recently had my first baby chicks hatch. One of my hens had been laying eggs in one of my potted plants and every day when she would lay I would scoop the egg up and take it away. One day she laid the egg and refused to leave, so I tucked a few more eggs under her and let her be. Twenty one days later she hatched out 5 little chicks.
It has been such a learning experience watching her; how she would squat down close to the ground so that the little ones could run under her to warm up any time they wanted too, or how she would take a defensive stance whenever she felt threatened. So many little things she does as a mom.
Animal behavior is one of the many things that helps me to appreciate how awe-inspiring our Creator is.
This picture was taken just a day or two after they hatched and they are all still in my planter. I moved them quite soon after the picture was taken.
It makes me smile when I look at it because it is a time in their lives when chickens actually look cute and here they are poking their little heads out from under their mama's feathers.

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