Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Wednesday Insects

For Winter Wednesday this week I waited until I had clear enough weather and at the same time I was free to take some shots.
My first ones were a little blurry, my fault not the cameras.
This is a blog of firsts. This is also my first attempt at using Flickr. Barbara mentioned using it when sending her pics and so I checked it out and my head began to swim. I gave it a rest then went back to tackle it. Probably could have asked her, but I am sure she has a really full plate already and felt I needed to give myself the challenge at solving it myself. Did not find a lot of help at the site, must have overlooked it somehow. I am still stumbling around but will figure it out as I go. (found the help. I am just not patient enough I guess)
I do not recognize the Beetle by name, but we have a lot of them here.

The Pill Bug everyone knows and I think everyone has somewhere around their house.
I tried the suggestion of Barbara an checked out what was living on the trees.
WHOA!!!! Made me jump a few times. I took these pics of insects hiding in the bark of a Eucalyptus tree.
I was surprised to find a steady stream of ants busy at work. It took several shots before I actually got the ant and not the tree. They kept moving out of focus.
The spiders were really cool. This little black one was so tiny I almost missed him. He might, maybe measure 1/8" .
This one was a little aggressive. I jumped several times. I would be gently holding the bark back to take a shot an he would run toward my fingers. Oh boy! I like spiders but not near my hands!
Here he is trying to find a little niche to avoid my prying.
I think this is a male mosquito, but that is just a guess. He was hiding under the bark.

I am pretty sure this is a silver fish. Usally they scurry so quickly they are hard to get a picture of, but this guy was chilling.
This was kinda cool, a whole group of different insects all gathered together.

If you are interested in Barbara's Winter Wednesday Challenges click the Winter Wednesday pic at the top of this blog.
You may also be interested in her Outdoor Hour Challenges. Great for any Nature Lover and Home School Parent.
She has consolidated the first 10 Challenges into an e-book which she has for sale at a reasonable price of 8.95, (this is a limited time price)
I bought the book and was extremely happy with it.
I plan to put the file on a flash drive, take it to Kinkos and have it printed and Spiral bound.
This is an excellent addition to your nature studies.
If interested click on the photo to the right.

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