Sunday, February 22, 2009

"B" is for Betelgeuse

Upon hearing the name Betelgeuse most people would think of either the red supergiant, (the second brightest star in the constellation Orion, the ninth brightest star in our night sky, approximately 600 million light years away and one of the largest stars known, which would, if it were at the center of our solar system extend out to between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, wholly engulfing Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), or they think of Beetlejuice, the movie starring Michael Keaton.
Both guesses are wrong in this case.
Betelgeuse is my 4 year old Meyers Parrot. I have had him since he was only a few months old and he brings companionship, joy and wonder to my life.
Unlike many pet owners, I do not see him as my "baby", I see him as a wonderful gift from our Creator that I have had the privilege to care for and learn from. Without the privilege of caring for such a usually wild creature, I would not have been able to see up close the ingenious design of birds by our loving and caring Father.
I am truly thankful for this experience.
(By the way, this is not one of his better pictures, he is moulting and not in full plumage.)
Although, I started the AB See Photo Meme on my other Blog, Inspire a Child, I decided that it would fit more appropriately here and this is where I will be posting all of my future AB See Photos.
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