Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Youngest Child has a Home!

After months of denial as to anything amiss. I was treated to not only the acknowledgement of his new homes existence, but I was allowed to actually see it.

After hearing the story though I understood why the secrecy. For six months it was an on again off again possibility. Not until he had the keys in hand did he breath a sigh of relief.

The previous owner was very much into colour. Only the ceilings were white.

The previous owners children locked themselves out once and used a crowbar to gain entry. Hmmmm 
No buffer behind the back door so the handle connects with the tile.

We all, as a family, got together and helped him get things together. Also with a lot of help from friends:

 What a difference paint makes!!
 The cats are in need of reassurance.

Many hands make a load light.

Lace, prepared, as always.                                          Guest bath...  Once electric blue now a tasteful white.

 Nice comfortable size backyard.  Needs a little work.        Coming along nicely.

Hospital Green bathroom, is now a nice clean white.                                    Peace up!

Congratulations Nicky!!

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